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Prisma Owls & Butterflies Peel and Stick Wall Decals


Product Description

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Guaranteed to brighten empty, white walls, these wall decals are every little girl’s wishes come true! Composed of color palettes featuring pinks, yellows, blues, greens and accents of black, these wall decals demand attention in a room. Featuring owls perching on branches, butterflies, flowers and more, Prisma Owl and Butterflies wall stickers are the perfect way of bringing bright colors to wall without having to paint.

Your Prisma Owls and Butterflies peel and stick wall decal package comes with 48 wall decals and includes the following:

  • Six various sized owl wall decals
  • One wall decal consisting of two owls perching on a branch
  • One wall decal consisting of a branch
  • Five butterfly wall decals
  • One snail wall decal
  • Multiple wall decals featuring multi-colored flowers, leaves and polka-dot accents to be used as fillers


4 sheets 10″ x 18″
Decals range in size from: 1.25″wide x 1.25″high to 9.25″wide x 10.5″high

Number of Wall Decals: